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Skipala s.r.o. company is engaged in industrial automation since the beginning of its existence in the year 1993. The company resides in the city of Rybník near to Česká Třebová, however our sphere of activity is the whole Czech Republic. Our company is small by the number of emploeyees (currently four), but with our products, we can easily compete renowned companies in our domain. We create our projects with the latest version of projection software PC Schematic and we mostly use control systems from SIEMENS company. Because we are small company, we can be very flexible about our customers’ needs. Simply said: “More music, with less money”.

Production of single-purpose machines

In cooperation with several engineering companies, we focus mainly on production of single-purpose machines, specifically their electrical part (control systems – PLC, switching elements, sensors, wiring). We can deliver complex services to our customers: project preparation, project, software, realization, start-up and of course the customer service.

Many companies turn upon us, when they need modernization of obsolete machines. They are usually driven by relay logic, which is already over-serving. An example of this situation could be the reconstruction of single-purpose machine (perforating machine) TD-50 at the Korado company. Thanks to the modernization of the control part, the machine acquired new usable properties and the company was spared of the investment to a new machine.

Another field of activity of our company is development and production of electronic devices used in the industry. One of our most successful devices is the Digital regulator of vibration feeder DIGR 1201/E (also in internal design) and electronic relay, designed for switching resistive and inductive load (especially for switching electromagnetic valves). All our products are tested by the Electrotechnical Testing Institute and comply with demanding requirements for security and reliability.

Electronic devices for industry

We put maximum emphasis on reliability, which we successfully achieve by using the best foreign and domestic components, i.e.:

  • Control systems: Siemens S7-200, Siemens S7-300, Teco TC-500, Mefi CNC8x9 DUAL
  • Servo-drives: Lenze, Bosch
  • Switching elements: Telemecanique
  • Sensors: Sick, Balluff

All our customers would confirm you a complete satisfaction with our services. Become one of them!

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